The TRC conducts a monthly ride, normally on the 4th Sunday of every month (although this varies occasionally to meet other needs). This is a full day ride, with a scheduled lunch stop. Additionally, we have event days, weekend runs, and other ad-hoc rides on a regular basis. See the event calendar on the home page for details.

On very rare occasions a ride may be amended or cancelled during times of extreme fire danger or when weather warnings are in place. See the weather policy.


The Triumph Riders Club welcomes non TRC members (prospective members) to attend our monthly ride for the purpose of considering joining the club. However, we must ask that after attending two rides as a non-member you complete a membership application form and pay the membership fee before joining any further rides. Membership fees help to pay for our club insurance, which is required for all TRC organised events.

Please also read the Club ride attendance statement.

Ride Rules and Guidelines

Participation in an event is entirely at your own discretion and own risk but is subject to you holding the appropriate class of drivers licence and your bike holding current registration. Your bike must also be in a roadworthy condition.

Although the club carries public liability insurance, this does not cover you or your bike for injury and damage in the event of an accident.

During rides we use a Ride Leader, Corner Marshals, and a Tail-End Charlie (TEC). While being a corner marshal you should pull to the side off the road to a safe but visible position with your indicator flashing for the direction to be turned. You may also indicate by pointing in the required direction. You should wait in that position until all riders have passed and the TEC comes into view. The TEC will not pass you and will wait until you pull back onto the road and rejoin the ride group.

Ride Organisation
Corner Marshall

If you want to “Go your own way” and choose to pass the Ride Leader or drop behind the TEC then you are no longer deemed to be part of the ride group and therefore not covered by the club's public liability insurance.

Remember that you are riding in a group of your friends and you should take care that your actions do not unnecessarily create additional risk for your fellow riders. Please also respect the fact that they may have different skills and experience than you.

From time to time we will stop and allow the group to form-up. The TEC will ride past the group to indicate to the Ride Leader that everyone is there and we will move off again.

Ride safely and enjoy.